Friday, December 22, 2017

For the People and In the Language: IPCF in Taiwan

Published in IPCF Bimonthly Vol 19 (December, 2017), pp. 30-32.

What is IPCF?

My fourth editorial for IPCF Bimonthly (原視界雙月刊)Vol. 19 (December, 2017):

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Exodus of Formosan Languages: A Historical Perspective

My article for National New Books Monthly No. 225《全國新書資訊月刊 第225期》Taipei: National Central Library (September 2017), pp. 4-9. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

My Type of Heteroglossia

My third editorial for IPCF Bimonthly(原視界雙月刊)

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Natalie Zemon Davis and "Trickster Travels: The Search for Leo Africanus" (2006)

"A masterpiece of the historian's craft." -Stephen Greenblatt

Leo Africanus was born Al-Hasan ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmed al-Wazzan to a Muslim family in present-day Granada Spain about 1486-1488. Perhaps before the year of great expulsion of 1492, his family had moved across the Gibraltar and settled in present-day Fez Morocco. 

There al-Hasan al-Wazzan grew up and became a qadi (judge of Islamic laws). He had keen ears for Arabic poetry and traveled widely as informant, soldier, emissary and diplomat of the Sultan of Fez. 

In 1518, on his way returning from Cairo Egypt to Fez, he was captured by Christian pirates and took to Rome Italy as a present to Pope Leo X. There he became the godson of Cardinal Egidio da Viterbo, baptized on January 6th 1520 and given a new name of "Joannes Leo de Medici". 

He never used the family name of Pope Leo X, de Medici. For Christians in Rome, he was Joannes Leo from Africa; for himself, he used the Arabic name after conversion, Yuhanna al-Asad--Yuhanna the Lion.

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Case of Writing Back: "The Alian Movement" of IPCF

My second editorial for IPCF Bimonthly(原視界雙月刊)

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Paiwan in Public (No. 2)

This is my own movement.

Date: 29th July 2017
Venue: Yunlin Taiwan
Occasion: The 8th Indigenous Science Award

Pinaqaljayan aravac tjanumun a masantalj. Ti Yedda a ku ngadan a lja Palemeq. Nacemavulid ta sengesengan tucu itua 原住民族文化事業基金會. Sa maljiyan tu maleva aken tua tiaken sinkauljan ta tja sengesengan tucu, daihiu tua tja kisasusuan i 原文會. 

(English: Good afternoon, distinguished guests. I am Yedda Palemeq, CEO of Indigenous Peoples' Cultural Foundation. I am very happy to be here on behalf of my organization IPCF.)

Friday, July 28, 2017

Paiwan in Public (No. 1)

This is my own movement.

Date: July 25th 2017
Venue: Taipei Taiwan 
Occassion: "Address at The Fourth Indigenous Documentary Festival"(第四屆部落電影院入選發布會致詞)

Pisangas, masalu aravac na kitateveljan aken taicu a patjausangas a kipaljayang, masalu ta nakipucug mun a masantalj a kitateveljan. 

(English: First of all, I am very honored to attend this event.)

Inauguration of Indigenous Radio Alian 96.3 / Alian 96.3原住民族廣播電台開播

The Journalist No. 1586 (2017), pp. 14-15. 《新新聞》2017年第1586號14-15頁

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Best Times: Grandma's Song

My first editorial for IPCF Bimonthly(原視界雙月刊):

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